Phage-encoded combinatorial chemical libraries based on bicyclic peptides Nature Chemical Biology vol. 5, pp 502–507, 2009

Bicyclic peptides with optimized ring size inhibit human plasma kallikrein and its orthologues while sparing paralogous proteases ChemMedChem vol. 7, pp 1173–1176, 2012



May 2017

PEGS Summit, Boston MA

- Bicyclic Peptides for Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Imaging of MT1-MMP Expressing Tumours

-The Bicycle platform: an efficient technology to generate high affinity, high selectivity molecules (Bicycles®) with unique drug like properties that are amenable to conjugation

-Discovery and development of BT1718, a novel bicyclic peptide-maytansinoidconjugate targeting MT1-MMP for the treatment of solid tumours: In vitroand in vivoactivities

-BT1718, a novel Bicycle Drug Conjugate® shows potent anti-tumor activity in diverse cell-derived and patient-derived tumor xenograft models

-Identification of high affinity, highly selective bicyclic peptides (Bicycles®) to transmembrane proteins using phage display screening on whole cells


April 2017

American Association for Cancer Research, April 2017

-Development of BT1718, a novel Bicycle Drug Conjugate for the treatment of lung cancer

-Bicyclic peptides for positron emission topography (PET) imaging of MT1-MMP expressing tumors

-BT1718, a novel bicyclic peptide-maytansinoidconjugate targeting MT1-MMP for the treatment of solid tumours: Design of bicyclic peptide and linker selection 


March 2017

Oligonucleotide & Peptide Therapeutics Boston

-Development of BT1718, a Bicycle Peptide-Drug Conjugate (BDC) Targeting MT1-MMP for the Treatment of Solid Tumors

Precision: Breast Cancer World R&D Summit

-BT1718, A Bicycle Drug Conjugate Targeting MT1-MMP For Treatment of Triple Negative Breast Cancer


Cowen and Company 37th Annual Health Care Conference

November 2016

-Development of BT1718, a Bicycle Drug Conjugate® (BDC) targeting MT1-MMP for treatment of solid tumours

-Design and characterization of a high affinity and selective bicyclic peptide binder to MT1-MMP for development of a treatment for solid tumours


July 2016
SMi’s 3rd annual Peptides event

-Development of cytotoxic bicyclic peptide drug conjugates and applications in molecular targeted cancer therapy


April 2016
3rd Annual Peptides Congress

-Development of Cytotoxic Bicyclic Peptide Drug Conjugates and Applications in Molecular Targeted Cancer Therapy


January 2016
Future of Healthcare Investor Forum

-Bicycle Therapeutics