bicycle therapeutics

Bicycle Therapeutics is

developing bicyclic peptides

(Bicycles®) with antibody-

like binding, small molecule

tissue penetration and

excretion through the



Bicycles are a new treatment modality combining the therapeutic benefits of antibodies, small molecules and peptides within one molecule. Bicycles exhibit the affinity and exquisite target specificity associated with antibodies, allowing intractable drug targets to be modulated often through interruption of protein-protein interactions. Bicycles’ small size enables rapid and deep tissue penetration, allowing tissues and tumours to be targeted from within. Bicycles’ peptidic nature provides, a “tuneable” pharmacokinetic half-life and a renal route of clearance, avoiding the liver and gastrointestinal tract toxicity often seen with other drug modalities.


Bicycles can be used as stand-alone therapeutic entities or coupled to deliver a variety of therapeutic payloads; Bicycle Therapeutics’ initial internal focus is to use Bicycles to selectively deliver toxins to tumours as Bicycle Drug Conjugates (BDCs). The company is also engaging in a range of collaborative models to help realize the full potential of the Bicycle technology for the development of therapeutics.

Bicycle Therapeutics



News flow 20 June 2016

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Press Release 23 May 2016

Bicycle Therapeutics establishes US Operations and appoints Rosamond Deegan, MBA, as President and Chief Business Officer More


Press Release 5 May 2016

Bicycle Therapeutics strengthens product development capabilities with key leadership appointments More 


Press Release 21 September 2015

Bicycle Therapeutics announces appointment of CEO More


Press Release 14 October 2014

Bicycle Therapeutics announces £20M ($32M) million financing for drug development More


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