bicycle therapeutics

Bicycle Therapeutics is a UK biotech developing highly constrained bicyclic peptides (bicycles) as a novel class of therapeutic


Bicycles have the affinity and specificity associated with antibodies, but are much smaller in size and can be chemically synthesised. They have been shown to address targets not easily tractable with small molecules (e.g. protein-protein interactions).The company is exploring applications in a number of areas where these advantageous features have the potential to show significant benefit.


Bicycle Therapeutics is backed by top-tier VC investors and is seeking to realise the full potential of Bicycle technology by developing an internal pipeline of bicycles into the clinic, as well as allowing partners access to the technology platform through selected R&D collaborations.

Bicycle Therapeutics



Press Release 14 October 2014

Bicycle Therapeutics announces £20M ($32M) million financing for drug development More


Press Release 5 September 2013 Bicycle Therapeutics and ThromboGenics form an alliance to develop bicycle peptide inhibitors for the treatment of ophthalmic diseases More


Press Release 1 June 2013 Bicycle Therapeutics announces expansion of management team with appointments of CSO and Business Development Director More


Press Release 10 Dec 2012 Bicycle Therapeutics announces £3.75 million financing for drug discovery More



New Developments in Cancer Biologics

29, 30 September, 2014

Robinson College, Cambridge

Presenting: Christophe Bonny