Bicycle Precision Guided Therapeutics


Our aim is to become one of the world’s leading solid tumor medicines companies, initially measured by our pipeline’s potential, and ultimately by the number of patients we are able to treat.

Beyond oncology, we recognize the unique potential of our technology and one of our goals is to develop innovative new therapeutics that exploit our unique precision-guided technology through bespoke and creative collaborative relationships.


Bicycle is developing precision-guided therapeutics, to penetrate deep into tissues and target intractable cancers.


We have a clear mission: to create unique, impactful medicines that transform the lives of the largest possible number of patients.


All Bicycle candidates in development exploit our unique technology and have been developed primarily to target solid tumor cancers. However, we are also working on other therapeutic applications beyond oncology, where there are a wide range of unaddressed medical needs.


Bicycles have the potential to modulate a variety of hard-to-target but potentially high value targets. We are collaborating with a wide range of pharma partners and leading academic thought leaders to explore how we might effectively apply our unique technology to develop innovative new medicines in a range of therapeutic areas: anti-infective, cardiovascular, ophthalmology, dementia, central nervous system, neuromuscular and respiratory.