Beyond Beyond


We are open to innovation and innovators.

We have created a business that consistently seeks out new ideas and novel ways of working. We do not have a one-size-fits-all mentality, but embrace opportunities to work with talented and motivated scientists in every part of the scientific spectrum to help explore the potential future applications of Bicycles.

Bicycle has a vibrant culture of innovation and partnership with third parties that goes beyond simple interactions with other companies. We have developed a mindset whereby we will work with experts, wherever they might be, to bring forward innovation in Bicycle science. We work with academics, helping to train the next generation of scientists, hosting a vibrant graduate training scheme with the University of Bath, visiting BBSRC CASE and MRC PhD students and Innovate-UK fellows. We also interact with key opinion leaders across our spectrum of therapeutic interests, working in the pre-competitive space of early science, as well as directly funding post-doctoral scientists that work in academic laboratories using Bicycles as tools, probing basic biologic mechanisms and exchanging unique tool compounds to probe new target spaces. If you would like to work with Bicycle or have science that you believe would be of interest, please get in touch.