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Bicycles can be used to reach a wide spectrum of targets and target classes, including many that have so far been undruggable with small molecules.

Our novel, proprietary phage display screening platform uses synthetic biology to display a vast range (>1020) of peptides. This diversity is generated by changing the design of the Bicycle® at four key areas: first, each amino acid can be varied at each position within the rings; second, the number of amino acids can be changed in each ring; third the symmetry of the rings can be altered; and finally the choice of scaffold used profoundly changes the way the appended amino acids are presented. Collectively, this allows us to choose from over 300 different library configurations, enabling high chemical diversity and potentially increasing the probability of success in our screening campaigns.

Our screening platform can be deployed to screen for either soluble proteins or cell-based targets. In addition to being resource-efficient and rapid, the process uses an integral on-phage binding assay that informs structure-activity relationships. The process then tunes the molecule to perform a specific function, something extremely hard to achieve with biologics. The Bicycle structure is then assembled. The flexibility of our Bicycles – and our powerful screening platform – will, we hope, allow new therapeutics to be rapidly developed in the future with the potential to serve a wide range of indications across diverse therapeutic areas.